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Salesforce is a great CRM which allows customization. This customization comes with responsabilities and limits. Let's take a look of how to go through all this problems focusing on good engineering practices, and by good I mean legible, performant and well architected soluctions that can scale over time. Solutions that you will look back on in time and be proud of.


Normally, people see Salesforce like a black box where you do some point and click and magically you will have an scalable complex system of thousands of business rules well integrated with the rest of your system. The truth is that to have a really good system there is a lot of engineering behind it, a lot of hours doing brainstorming, searching, analyzing and comparing different solutions that can solve the needs.

One of the goals of this blog is to achieve saving as many hours in software development on your SF org as we can. For that, we will go back to the very basics and start doing rocket science, taking it step by step. Managing the complexity when it grows like bosses.

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